321 Go Pizza

Sunday 20 February, 2022

321 Go Pizza- Satellite Beach, FL- 3 Stars

The GPS on the Big Boy Mobile seems to be broken as of late as it keeps pointing me north. This flashed through my mind as I headed up A1A towards Satellite Beach, FL on the quest to provide unadulterated food reviews to the residents and tourists of Florida's Space Coast. Don't get me wrong, I am certainly not complaining about yet another breathtaking jaunt up the Florida Coast as who can really get enough of the natural beauty to be found in our state?

I digress, this is not about the many reasons we live in Florida, rather the food offered to the public. To this end, I eased the Big Boy Mobile into the parking lot of 321 Pizza in Satellite Beach and prepared to get my face stuffed with pie. Big, beautiful Pizza Pie!

As this is a take-out or delivery pizza joint, I approached the counter to place my order. That is when I noticed Josh in the kitchen slinging dough in the air like a true professional with a fantastic attitude to boot. Turns out, Josh is the owner and exudes an aura of charisma one rarely encounters, especially in the foodservice industry. This guy could be the next Wolfgang Puck with his personality alone! If I awarded stars on this alone, 321 Go Pizza would be 5 stars all day, every day.

Josh took a break from tossing dough in the air and joyfully came to the counter to take my order. I asked him for one Travel the Mediterranean pie, one Greek salad and a Satellite special sandwich After taking my order Josh hurried back into the kitchen and started cooking right away. With anticipation building, my taste buds started drooling at all the fresh ingredients Josh used to assemble my gastronomical treat.

First off I have to say that everything was gorgeous. In a crowded arena, this just might be the most visually appealing pizza in the country. I am not exaggerating. This was truly a masterpiece to the eyes. The ingredients are so fresh as to be almost unsustainable at this price point (how he can stay in the black is beyond me). The problem with this pizza is the flavor. The whole thing, including the dough, fell flat on the palate and made me wonder what happened? Maybe a touch of herbs in the dough, or a smidgen of seasoning on the top - something would elevate it.

The salad, likewise, is captivating in its color and seductive in the freshness of the ingredients. I watched as he sliced up an entire tomato for one salad. At $10.95, I don't see how he can keep this up in the long term...unless he has a secret dealer in produce that is giving him a preferred customer deal.

Sadly, the Satellite Special sandwich has, I swear, was from my favorite foodservice supplier...the vaunted Sysco. So, the sandwich was composed of sliced frozen Sysco sausage and stalactite meatballs. However, as we all know the secret to a tasty sandwich is the base and this bread was incredibly nummy.

The Big Boy says, "For owner charisma, for beautiful, ocular pleasing plates and average Mediterranean aliment this is the place!" #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout