4th Street Fillin Station

Sunday 10 March, 2019

4th Street Fillin Station-Cocoa Beach-4.5-Stars

"There is something that is much more scarce, something finer far, something rarer than ability. It's the ability to recognize ability" -- Hubbard

The words, "Oh, joy," skittered across my mind as the next place to review appeared on my soon to be patented BBDO random hashery generator as it was yet another "la saveur du mois," the ever-growing Gastro Pup. Pulling into 4th Street Filling Station I was taken aback as it was an actual refurbished working gas station complete with public bathrooms and a convenience store (fear not, loyal Biggie, this is nothing akin to the horror that is Cracker Barrel). Tempted to grab a Heath bar on my way in, I reminded myself I was here to dine and review, not fill up the BBDO mobile and stock up for a road trip. After a short wait (still not grabbing that Heath bar) we were lead to an open table and began devouring what had to be one of the most creative menus I have seen in Brevard. Ranging from Chinese influenced dishes to German to the Caribbean to Southern, my taste buds immediately began kyoodling for a taste.

I was soon approached by someone I at first took to be the manager as she was so polite, professional and on point with her service, however, it turned out to be our server, Angela. Angela was amazing all day and joyfully went over the menu and answered all questions with a smile and well thought out answers. Putting in an order for a Grown Up Grilled Cheese with a premium side of Yucca fries and some street corn, a Bulgogi Beef Bowl and one order of Pulled Pork Street Tacos.

Waiting for Angela to return with our order, I was quite taken in by the uniqueness of this place. The car lifts were visible, two of the three bay doors operational, a well-stocked extremely cool looking glass bar with gear decor and a large open eating space, this place truly stood out among the plethora of eating establishments on the Space Coast. It wasn't too long before Angela appeared with our edibles and if the savory redolence of the food was any indication of the taste, I was in for a real treat today!

The Grown Up Grilled Cheese was just that, an adult version of the childhood favorite. It is not for adults, it is as if the sandwich itself grew into adulthood and said, "I'm boring, I need to change things up a bit." Pressed into some of the freshest French Bread I have had, was a conglomeration of three kinds of cheese, succulent meat candy (bacon), garden fresh sliced tomatoes, caramelized onions and homemade pickles. Yes, you read that right. They make their own pickles in the back! The Yucca fries were also outstanding. The sriracha/habanero/buttermilk sauce was not too hot, but balanced so perfectly it hit the palate with a peppery zing and ended with the cool flavor of buttermilk. In a word this sauce was masterful. My other side of Street corn was just as amazing. It was authentically fire-grilled and made the whole meal just plain awesome.

With glee and anticipatory taste buds at the ready, I turned to the next item up for review, the Bulgogi Beef Bowl. while this may have a Korean title, it is far from traditional fare from the Joseon Empire from which it originated (at least I am fairly certain they did not have pepper jack cheese). To say this dish was filled with complex flavors all uniting in a cacophony of scrumptious awesomeness would be a gross understatement. The Bulgogi sauce was obviously homemade and had a measurable pop to it. This was perfectly balanced by the Asian slaw mixed in and the freshly chopped cilantro decorating the top like so much sweet green snow.

The Pulled Pork Street tacos were on par with the rest of the items we dined upon as they too were monumentally mouthwatering and the real deal if I ever had it. Wrapped lovely in the arms of freshly made corn tortillas, lay planks of hand pulled, tenderly smoked pieces of Sus domesticus. Topped with freshly shredded green cabbage and then drizzled with a smokey ranch sauce these were certainly some of the most savory and unique tacos I have ever had the pleasure of scarfing down.

All in all, this was a fun-filled dining experience made all the better by the incredibly complex flavors to be found throughout their eclectic menu.

The Big Boy says, "For tastes ranging from the Far East to our neighboring Caribbean cultures packed in a one of a kind dining experience fill up at the 4th Street Filling Station and make your stomach happy."