87 Main Street Spirits

Sunday 19 August, 2018

87 Main Street Spirits - Cocoa Beach - 4.5 Stars

*Hidden Gem Alert*

The fourth time is the charm! It actually took me four attempts to dine here. The first time I made a reservation I arrived and they were having a party and there were zero seats. I asked about my reservation and the owner came over and apologized. I was aggravated because I drove 35 minutes for zilch. At this point I revealed who I was, and then Marie was even more apologetic but was unable to accommodate me. I explained I would come back another day. I drove the 35 minutes again, but this time there were zero parking spaces anywhere. I circled the block 10 times then left in frustration. The third time I called ahead and got another reservation. On this occasion I failed to show because I figured correctly they would be prepared. I waited another two weeks and showed up right at opening, when there were no employees - just me, Marie, and a very lovely lady named Jaye. They were in the middle of a supply delivery. Guess what? It wasn't Sysco - it was a high end purveyor of fine foods. I was immediately impressed. Marie noticed me immediately and said "My gosh you missed your Rez two weeks ago...we were all prepared and set up for you," and I replied "yes? That's why I did not show up." She laughed and we got to know one another. Marie is a wonderful person and her story of how she opened this restaurant is enjoyable to hear.

I decided to start off with the meat and cheese board. She told me that it's large and asked if I wanted a smaller portion but hey, I'm the Big Boy, so I told her to give me their biggest. As soon as I saw it, I knew I should have listened. They serve you a plate packed full of perfect cuts of quality meat and cheese. There is salami, prosciutto, regular ham, gherkins, olives, Swiss, Cheddar, Fontina, and more - look at the photos - truly amazing. Next up were the Beef Wellington bites. No one serves Beef Wellington anymore; it's become a lost art. Marie hand wraps chunks of high quality beef in a light flavorful bread shell that melts in your mouth - truly a winner. I finished off with the Ultimate Bacon Grilled Cheese, which is brushed garlic butter and three blends of aged cheese along with pork shoulder bacon, pressed on Artisan bread. The cheese mixture was a winning combination and the bacon was succulent - not your standard grilled cheese sandwich!

I should also add that they have a great ambiance. The all-wood bar hearkens back to a time long since passed. The rest of the restaurant is bedecked with comfy couches and coffee tables. There is a wholly contained back patio with tables, chairs, and umbrellas. They have live piano every Tuesday night and the prices for the level of food is more than fair. This place is geared for adults - they welcome kids, but they most likely won't like it.

The Big Boy says come in saddle up to the bar, order a Glen Livet Rob Roy, and enjoy the scenery. 87 Main Street Spirits is top notch, and is rated as one of my Hidden Gems. You'd be deprived not to check it out!