Alexandria Mediterranean Grill

Thursday 19 July, 2018

Alexandria Mediterranean Grill - Suntree - 4 Stars

"The matter does not appear to me now as it appears to have appeared to me then." --Bramwell

The word Mediterranean conjures up thoughts of a wide array of dining delicacies, with a proverbial moon shot of possibilities and delectable trip down tastebud lane. I have always been of the opinion that in the food industry, a restaurant should choose one cuisine and do it well. In my travels, I have only seen one restaurant, Marietta Diner, pull off a 50 page menu with selections from virtually every country well.

Alexandria Mediterranean Grill offers Arabic, Persian, and Greek fare. Of these, I do not suggest you come here to get the Greek food. Before placing my order I actually asked the Sous Chef if they had a spit for Gyro, but he replied that they do not and use frozen strips, similar with the other Greek offerings. So as I perused the menu I decided to stick with Middle Eastern selections.

I ordered a tabouleh salad and the lamb shish kabob. The tabouleh was made to order rather than pre-made, which makes a huge difference in the flavor with its freshness. The parsley, cracked wheat, lemon juice, and tomatoes were blended so perfectly and executed with such precision it was an incredible joy to savor this salad; each bite was bursting with flavor. The shish kabob came with premium quality cuts of lamb. The lamb was cooked to temperature and served rested, which is very important with lamb dishes. It comes with a side of basmati rice, which was cooked to the right consistency. One would think this would be easy to do but so many restaurants fail in this seemingly simple endeavor. The garlic sauce served with the lamb is tangy, flavorful, and appropriately garlicky - complete bliss.

The Big Boy recommends Alexandria Grill for your Middle Eastern cravings, which is what they seem to do best.