American Icon Brewery

Thursday 20 December, 2018

American Icon Brewery- Vero Beach- 3.75-Stars

Let's face it. When you go to a place with the word "brewery" in the title, you are not there to eat. However, as it's my job, I was actually there to eat, the beer was an added bonus. One thing I do wonder about though when entering into a "Brew House Restaurant" is the food an afterthought, is the beer an afterthought, was it all planned? Anyway, I was here with a job to do and it was about time for me to do just that. Established in 2016, this place is a virtual baby in the business, however, they certainly picked an iconic building in which to operate. Located in Vero Beach's historic Diesel Plant it's a hard place to miss. As one can see by my photos the inside is just as impressive as the outside of this historic building. They completely gutted it and stuffed a full brewery along with a kitchen inside. The brew tanks are visible to all who enter and the smells drifting in from the kitchen certainly made my mouth water a tad.

As I approached the hostess stand I was met with an almost blank stare and greeted flatly. Hardly something one comes to expect from a host/hostess. As they are the first interaction between the house and the patron, one expects them to be charming, friendly and professional, not seemingly bored to death. Led to a table and handed menus, we took some time to not only read them but to glance around the place. In doing so I couldn't help but notice the place was packed. There had to be 150 people in various stages of dining and yet I only noticed one server. A poor chap named Logan. making a note to come back when they were more adequately staffed, I readied my order.

In due time, poor Logan made it to our table and presented himself with charm and professionalism with not one hint of being overwhelmed. I placed a request for one The G.O.A.T. burger, with upgraded sides based on Logan's suggestion, and their beer sampler known as the Beer Flight consisting of a small glass of six different brews. Today the Flight included a sample of 1926 Hefeweizen, American Blonde Lager, Liberty Bellener a sour beer, Salem's Robe a pumpkin beer, The Professor a coconut porter and The Factory Pilsner.

Despite being the only server I noticed in the joint, my order arrived without too long of a wait (at least shorter than expected) and I was soon gazing upon burger and beer heaven. The G.O.A.T. burger is their take on classic Greek,tastes. It is a mix of lamb and beef with whipped honey goat cheese, yes that is correct, I said whipped honey goat cheese topped with fresh sliced tomato, arugula and tzatziki sauce. Now, when something is touted as the Greatest of All Time (G.O.A.T.) I expect to be blown away, And blown away my taste buds were! The patty was fresh, hand-formed and grilled to perfection. The bun was warm, chewy and fresh while the combination of the micro arugula and whipped honey goat cheese lent subtle notes of food from the godz. The tzatziki sauce, I am assuming, is made in-house as it was some of the freshest and best-tasting version of this sauce I have had outside of a traditional Greek eatery. Makes me wonder if they didn't kidnap someone's Greek Yai Yai (Grandmother) and are holding her hostage over the sauce station. You gotta do what ya gotta do! The upgraded side was the vegetable of the day and in this case was some of the most perfectly baked and delicious Brussels Sprouts I have yet dined upon. Honestly, the food was much more than I expected to find in a brewery.

This, loyal reader, brings us to our item(s) to review (dun dun duuuuuuuun) The Beer. Turning my thirsty taste buds to the plethora of brew before me, I wiped away a small tear of joy that escaped my eye and reached for a glass. Now, I am not a beer reviewer, nor a beer connoisseur by any stretch of the word, but I know good beer when I taste it and all of these were exceptional. It was very clear to me that they put a lot of time, effort and pride into their chosen craft of being a microbrewery. Truly, each one was an exceptional version of whatever style of beer it was. My personal favorite? I'm going to have to go with the Professor. Those coconut notes brought me back to paradise on Earth (the great state of Hawai'i). I could drink that all day long.

The Big Boy says, "If you're looking for some tasty food and exceptional micro brews, you can't go wrong with a stop at American Icon Brewery." #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy