Anacapri Pizzeria

Sunday 02 September, 2018

Anacapri Pizzeria- Cocoa Beach- 3- Stars

Just south of the Cocoa Beach Causeway is not only where I found my beach, but I also found the best cheap Italian food around.

Upon entering Anacapi I was assaulted at once with the symphonic cacophony of a well run, busy restaurant. The smell of garlic and baked dough permeated the atmosphere and I was in olfactory paradise as I was lead to my table. My server soon approached and introduced herself as Vanessa. She gladly took my order and scampered away to place it and return with my Iced Tea fresh from the fountain.

Foregoing pizza, I placed my trust in Vanessa and went with the Baked Shells with a side Ceasar Salad and an appetizer of a garden salad with blue cheese (someone has to watch my figure). Vanessa soon returned, spry and professional as ever with my items. She placed them with precision and bounced away to check on her other customers. The shells were baked to perfection and stuffed with the most delicious mixture of fresh cheeses to hit my palate in a long time. They were then topped with what appeared to be freshly grated parmesan cheese and then sprinkled with a bit of freshly chopped parsley. While I am sure the sauce was not made fresh on site, the chef did all he could to bring it up to the Big Boy's standard. The salads were both fresh and crispy as they should be, while the dressings (one with Ceasar and one with blue cheese) were again, while not tasting freshly made, they were satisfactory.

This was certainly one of the better cheap Italian meals I have had, made all the better by the professionalism of my server, Vanessa.

Big Boy says, "For the top of the heap cheap Italian eats, you can't go wrong with Anacapri Pizzeria and Restaurant." #bigboydiningout