Anaya Coffee

Saturday 11 November, 2017

Outstanding. A must see.....a must try. I stumbled upon this gem of a place last month. Nestled in a small space in the Eau Gallie Art District this coffee shop is amazing. Anaya Coffee has a wide selection of fresh brewed oddball coffee blends that can be made espresso, cappuccino or regular. They also serve a limited breakfast fare. I was intimidated going in here because like comic book shops and gaming stores the employees are usually introverted geeks who act annoyed at being bothered by customers. As I walked in the door I was greeted by a young gentleman who must have sensed my trepidation. He proceeded to pepper me with questions designed to elicit answers that would help him guide me in the right direction. I ordered a decaf Cappuccino as well as a fresh brewed herbal tea. Both were prepared with care and precision. All I can say is thank you