Arbetter Hotdogs

Friday 31 August, 2018

Arbetter Hotdogs- Cocoa - 4 Stars

Simplicity at its finest.

Do you ever get a craving for a real honest to Gdańsk Polish sausage? Well, the next time you do head on up to Arbetter's in Cocoa, FL. Any restaurant that has been in operation in the same place for over 30 years must be doing something right. I am here to assure you that Arbetter's is doing a lot of things right.

First off, one should not be discouraged by the minimalistic approach they took to furnishing their establishment. While there is ample seating indoors, along with outdoor seating as well, the wall decor is not much to look at. It is nothing fancy to be sure, however; what they do is extraordinary. I approached the counter and was greeted enthusiastically by Alex and Ambrosia. Both were aptly named in my opinion as Alex was great in her service and Ambrosia was as pleasant as food from the heavens. Speaking of food from the heavens, or in this case European inspired, I ordered one freshly brewed unsweetened tea, one Polish Sausage with everything, and I mean everything on it (see the picture of the receipt, notice glorious grease stains) and one Italian sausage with onions and peppers in order to give the Axis a fair shake.

My ever-present dining companion, my mini-me, ordered the childhood favorite of a hot dog with mustard. Ambrosia brought our food out with pleasure and obvious pride, as well she should. The Italian sausage was amazing. It was grilled to perfection so that it had a slightly crunchy skin and a juicy, tender interior. The onions and peppers were sauteed to perfection and added just the right amount of flavor to make it really pop on the palate while the bun was fresh and tasted previously unfrozen, they way they should always taste. The Polish Sausage? What can I say about their Polish Sausage that will adequately describe par excellence on a bun?

The chef was showing us her A game for sure that day as the Polish Sausage was grilled to absolute perfection. You know when a meat tube with a natural wrapping is grilled to perfection as there is a slight "snap" when your teeth break through the outer skin and sink into the juicy meat hiding inside. I gleefully "snapped" my way through the whole shebang as fast as I could. By the time my attention was drawn back towards my partner in crime, her plate was spotless. I assume her hotdog with mustard was just as good as my sausages were as she met my gaze with a satisfied smirk and a smile in her eyes.

The Big Boy says, "Go, go and then go again." #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy