Asian Gourmet Restaurant

Saturday 05 May, 2018

Asian Gourmet Restaurant- Melbourne- 2 Stars
As a pure trencherman my hunger is seldom abated, however what began as an inviting and enjoyable experience devolved into an ancient morality play lacking a Greek chorus. The Asian Gourmet is run by a stern woman who acts like she was sent out of central casting as a World War II Japanese water torture expert.
I ordered the Pad Thai and a crispy fish filet with green curry. I potentially would have ordered something different except that our server, "June," had very little grasp of the English language. This always puzzles me. Why would you not hire just one person who is fluent in English in order to explain the menu? This was my first foray into this level of Thai cuisine and I had questions.
Anyway, the Pad Thai had little tiny frozen shrimp that were rubbery. The upside was the peanut sauce. It was creamy, balanced and full of flavor. The crispy fish filet was a frozen filet that had been microwaved. I smelled the fish and I could not detect anything because the sauce and vegetables were strong. I cut the fish and as soon as it reached my mouth I knew instantly it was bad. It had turned. I told June that the fish was bad. She took the plate and went in the back.
At this point, the owner stormed out and started yelling--and I mean yelling--at me in Thai. Then she screamed in English, "NOTHING WRONG WITH FISH!" I tried to explain to her that it had turned. To my shock and amazement she shoved the entire filet into her mouth and ate it, then said, "See, nothing wrong!" I replied, "I hope you didn't just give yourself food poisoning." Luckily, I have broad shoulders and things like this never embarrass me because of course at this point the entire restaurant was staring. So, I politely asked, "May I have my check please?" I paid the bill and quietly left. Big Boy says go elsewhere.