Ataj Indian Restaurant

Sunday 11 November, 2018

Ataj Indian Restaurant- Kissimmee- 3-Stars

If you have been a follower of my reviews for a while now you know that I don't give a hoot about decor, presentation or atmosphere in a restaurant. I care about the food and nothing else. However, if I failed to mention just how gorgeous this place is, I would be doing it a huge disservice. From the outside archways to the indoor wine display, Ataj Indian Restaurant resonates class. It is truly a beautiful place. Now, if only the help spoke even a tiny bit of English the whole place would shine!

As I mentioned, with the limited English skills put forth by the server, I was stuck ordering the ever-present Indian restaurant lunch buffet. As a general rule, I am not a big fan of buffets and the same should be said of you. I have had incredible gourmet buffets, but these are few and far between. What one usually encounters in a buffet is lukewarm (at best) food that has been sitting for hours and as such is devoid of all flavor and chews like wet paper.

With some forced temerity, I grabbed a plate and proceeded to dish it out. As I am remiss in familiarizing myself with all types of Indian cuisine, I grabbed some of the staples usually found on almost all Indian buffets and menus. I put some Chicken Tika Marsala and Tandoori Chicken on my plate along with a cabbage dish and Indian style rice.

To my surprise, the Chicken Tika Masala was not only fresh but served at the correct temperature and seasoned exceptionally well. The chicken was tender and juicy, not dry in the least per the usual buffet chicken. The Tandoori was not only pleasing to the eye, but to the palate as well. This was also served at the correct temperature with just the right amount of seasonings to give it a distinctly Tandoori flavor, without overwhelming your taste buds with spice. The long grain basmati rice was steamed to the correct consistency and was flavored along the lines of traditional North Indian cuisine. This was also extremely fresh and flavorful. The accompanying cabbage dish was on par with the rest of my items as it too was fresh, crispy, cool and downright tasty. All and all, while nothing here to write home about, it was an enjoyable food experience. However, I have to add that a lesser person might think the help was racist as some Indian gentlemen came in and ordered off the menu, while I was told it was buffet only. I, on the other hand, do not immediately think I was told that because I am not of Indian descent. No, I think that it was all due to a communication breakdown as again, the server apparently had very limited English skills.

The Big Boy says, "For a tasty adventure into the cuisine of Northern India, stop in Ataj's, and send your taste buds on a journey to the subcontinent they will not soon forget!" #iamthebigboy #bigboydining