Baci’s Pizza & Subs

Monday 24 September, 2018

Baci's Pizza & Subs- Viera/Rockledge- 2.5 Stars

"The world loves to be deceived." -- S. Franck

The first thing I noticed upon entering Baci's Pizza and Bar was their stunningly well-stocked bar. It was a drinker's paradise if I ever did see one. However, as I was there to review their foodstuffs, not their potent potables, I asked to be seated at a table.

Once seated I was handed a menu and told my server would be right with me. Poring over their menu I noticed the typical American casual dining/bar food, nothing spectacular stood out, but nothing read all that dreadful either. In fact, some of it did look rather intriguing.

My server, Stephanie, soon approached with a smile and a professional demeanor asking if I was ready to order. I told her that we would like: 1 Italian Combo Sub (ham, salami, capicola and provolone), 1 Greek burger (handmade patty, cucumber and tzatziki sauce) and 1 order of spaghetti and meatballs for my ever trusty sidekick.

While awaiting our order I had the opportunity to glance around and noticed that the entire place was very clean, well lit and for all intense and purposes (as this was the lunch hour) completely dead. From experience, this did not bode well. While it is not, in and of itself, necessarily a sign of a bad restaurant to be empty during lunch, it did bring doubts as to the quality of the available victuals. Thankfully, I was not left with too much time to continue this train of thought as Stephanie was soon approaching with our order.

Everything was basically a letdown. The meat on the sub was your typical processed pre-sliced Subwayesque crap and tasted as described. The bread, while fresh, was insipid and flat as it hit the palate. The Greek burger, although handmade on site was unexciting and the tzatziki sauce had more in common with the paste that one kid ate in kindergarten than with any tzatziki sauce I've ever had, it was completely devoid of all flavor. The only plus here was that the bun was toasted and the cucumbers were crisp, otherwise it was a miserable excuse for a Greek Burger. The french fries looked like they had been left in the fryer for a few minutes too long and tasted like this was true. This brings me to the final item to be reviewed, their version of spaghetti and meatballs. The noodles were boiled to a beautiful al dente and the meatballs were pre-fabricated meat product, previously frozen crap While not the worst meatballs ever consumed at our table, there were right up there. The sauce, unlike the burger, did not taste nor appear to be homemade. It tasted like it came from a can and had the bright red color only processed pasta sauce has.

All in all the fare was dismal and a huge disappointment after seeing their well stocked and beautifully arranged adult beverage counter. I couldn't help but feel that I had somehow been deceived by the chef.

The Big Boy says, "Don't. Just don't." #bigboydiningout