Tuesday 05 September, 2017

I have never had so much hope in a restaurant. The atmosphere is incredible. It is original, friendly and welcoming. The service is impeccable. The server to patron ratio is something to be copied by other establishments. However, this is where the praise ends. Great presentation. Flavor? Zero!!!! All show no go. I was devastated.
I am uncertain the credentials of the person who designed this food but it contained flavor profiles that were either not thought out or not executed by the line cook today.
I think the attraction to this place is the atmosphere and service quality are head and shoulders over Amy other breakfast establishment. Today I ordered a Cajun omelette. Not certain why it was considered "Cajun" it had chorizo and vegetables and that was it. Not one single solitary piece of seasoning. No salt, no pepper and certainly ZERO Cajun seasoning. This is my second time eating here. The first experience was identical. If anyone knows the owner please ask them to season the food.