Banana River Cafe

Monday 18 March, 2019

What saddens me about the fall of this once great restaurant is how far it truly has fallen. Last time in I had to walk out because the server was repulsive. So, ONLY, because I am trying to give multiple chances and my daughter was starving, I decided to walk into the wood chipper face first. Our server, was prompt with menu's and drinks. Since she is hard of hearing we had to literally scream our order so the other table in this empty restaurant could hear what I was eating. Bacon and eggs are just average nothing special. Sigggggh so sad

This restaurant has begun to grasp the new food movement. Leaning toward fresher ingredients with unique flavors. Had the breakfast bowl. Let me say that is the MOST understated name of any item I have ever ordered. You are served a bowl of seasoned grits mixed with Gouda cheese, then spiced. On top of the grits are two sunny side up eggs. On top of that is pulled pork with charro sauce.
The mix of flavors in this bowl are AMAZING. From top to bottom this is the signature item. I also ordered blueberry, ricotta and almond pancakes. They were fluffy and full of flavor.
FOOD IS 5 stars. The service is impeccable. I would need to dig deep to find a single criticism. If I did it would be the atmosphere and the noise. HOWEVER, the food is so outstanding that these minor annoyances are insignificant. My suggestion stealing from the great former mayor of Chicago. Eat early and eat often. No better meal to be had on Beachside hands down.