Bangkok House

Sunday 30 September, 2018

Bangkok House- Merritt Island- 5-Stars

I never thought I would utter these words, but here they are: I am thankful I am not an immortal. At least not one about to lose his head to The Highlander. For if I was, I would be at a loss as there is "more than one" place you can get the best JB Roll to ever pass your lips. After my recent visit to Bangkok House on Merritt Island, I had to add them to the list. What really sets this place apart from the others, however, is their wait staff. They are all fluent in English and have an extensive knowledge of the menu, which is a very good thing as their menu is so incredibly diverse that even an experienced diner such as myself had a modicum of trouble with it.

Our servitor for the meal was a lovely young lady named Sara. She was charming, pleasant and more than helpful when it came to making heads or tails out of the menu. Upon her recommendations, we had to try some items we had never seen before and some standard items to see how they measured up to past sushi offerings at other Asian themed undertakings.

To that end, we placed an order for 1 Sea of Love Roll (sans Pachino), 1 JB Roll, Egg Drop Soup, Thai Bags, Tuna Poké, and an order of Lobster Tail with Thai Chili Paste.

The Sea of Love Roll was a conglomeration I had never seen before. It was a mix of Salmon Tempura, avocado, spicy mayo, masago and lettuce topped with tuna tataki spicy mayo, tempura flakes, eel sauce, scallions and yet more masago. One bite into this and my taste buds were praising the Land of the Rising Sun as the birthplace of all things sushi. The perfect melding of flavors was like nothing I had ever experienced before (at least at a Sushi place). Their take on the ever-present sushi menu item, the JB Roll, was hands down one of the best I have yet had. It was the superlative mixture of cream cheese and salmon. The Egg Drop soup is made on site from fresh original ingredients and flawlessly executed as it is extra creamy and tastes like someone's Grandma had a hand in making it.

This brings me to the most unusual, and heretofore untried item on our table, The Thai Bags. These are wonton wrapped and fried tiny baggies of succulent goodness. The Thai Bags came in two varieties: a veggie one consisting of carrot, corn and peas and one filled with Crab and Shrimp Rangoon. These are served, as one can see in the photos, with a delightfully flavorful homemade Thai sweet chili sauce that was an impeccable merger of sweet and spicy.

Their version of the Hawai'ian staple of Maguro (bluefin tuna) Poké was also to die for. It was made up of some of the freshest cuts of tuna I have had in a salad type dish and was just on the edge of too hot and not hot enough. In other words, this also was pristine in its balance between sweet and spice. As if these mouthwatering victuals weren't enough to send me into a sushi coma, the last item in our review, the Lobster Tail with Thai Chili Paste certainly was the tipping point and with one bite I immediately went into a divine sushi induced coma. The Lobster tail was steamed to an exemplary doneness as it flaked off the shell as seafood should. The Chili Paste, again, being made in the back was flawless and extremely well balanced. The broccoli was steamed impeccably as it was just firm enough to give a slight snap to the bite and had to have been picked that morning as I swear I tasted the farm-fresh goodness.

The Big Boy says, "If you want out of this world flavor combinations served by an exceptionally professional, pleasant and knowledgeable service, visit Bangkok House and make sure to order the Thai Bags. #bigboydiningout