Bapa’s Bar & Bistro

Saturday 22 September, 2018

Bapa's Bar & Bistro -Titusville - 3 Stars

No pics because my phone was taken by a thief.

After striking out at the restaurants within the Holiday Inn in Cocoa Beach, I decided to try one inside the Holiday Inn in Titusville. I figured at least one Holiday Inn had to have a good restaurant inside and so I entered Bapa's Bistro (soon to be known as "The Local" according to their Facebook page).

It was all I could do to restrain the lawyer in me as our server, Robert, was very cagey in his responses to my inquiries as to the menu. The meatloaf is either made fresh on site, or it's not. It is a simple yes or no question. As it turns out the meatloaf is made fresh every Monday morning and only available until it's gone. After the description I finally cajoled out of Robert, I was sure it was going to be delicious. So, I went against one of my consultant's lists of "things you never order out" and placed an order for their meatloaf (no one can ever accuse The Big Boy of being spineless). Robert was soon approaching my table with a tray wafting deliciousness ahead of it. The meatloaf was served with a heaping pile of red bliss mashed potatoes and green beans almondine. The meatloaf smelled and looked delicious, however, it fell flat on the palate. It seemed to lack enough herbs to give it the full flavor one comes to expect from a meatloaf, or perhaps it should be made the night before so it blends together overnight. Whatever the case, it wasn't bad, just not all that flavorful.

The mashed potatoes and gravy, on the other hand, lived up to their appearance and aroma. The potatoes were obviously homemade and the gravy was bursting with meat flavor and exceptionally delicate. The green beans were steamed to perfection, seasoned just right and with the butter/almond combination were truly a delight. If the meatloaf had packed more flavor punch everything would have been exceptional, as it just missed the mark, I would have to say the meal was nothing spectacular and, in fact, was rather average. Still, I'll take average meatloaf from a chef any time over what usually qualifies as such when dining out.

The Big Boy says, "For great mashed potatoes and almost perfect meatloaf you can't go wrong here." #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy