Bar Refuge

Saturday 03 February, 2018

Bar Refuge- Melbourne- 4 Stars
The building that now houses Bar Refuge has been here for 50 years. This restaurant is the first time something special has been here and Tracy the owner of this establishment has done an amazing job with the decor. Amazingly, this locale is NOT all show with no go. The food here is designed for maximum palate enjoyment.
We started the meal with 3 different tapas offerings. The refuge tots, the Mac and cheese and the deviled eggs. I am thoroughly besotted with deviled eggs. These eggs were cooked properly and the inside was bursting with a flavorful punch. The mac and cheese was fluffy and creamy that achieved a perfect balance of flavors. The refuge tots are a cool idea. My tots were a tad overcooked but the cheese combo turns this into an upscale cheese fries offering. I finished with the fish tacos. The sauce was spectacular, the fish was cooked just right and they even grilled the flour tortilla which is a plus for me always. So you ask with all of this positive feedback why not a 5 star. Great question. Bar Refuge is in a gray area of classification. Not quite fine dining but better than a gastro pub. Big Boy says try it you will like it.