Barkada Bowl

Wednesday 03 October, 2018

Barkada Bowl - Cape Canaveral - 4.5 Stars

By a show of hands, how many of you have had Filipino food before? Anyone, anyone? Yeah, me either, but you can now try it at Barkada Bowl in Cape Canaveral. Tucked away in a teeny tiny spot lays one of the most original experiences you can have in Brevard County.

Trying new cuisine can be intimidating, especially if the owner or employees do not speak English. As I walked in I noticed an older Asian lady and a younger Asian gentleman. Immediately I thought "crud, now what am I going to do?" The young man made eye contact and in the most mellifluous voice said, "Welcome to Barkada Bowl. My name is Dexter. Do you have any questions about what we are serving?" At this point, I felt like a total dope as Dexter spoke perfect English and obviously was raised in the States. I laughed at my stupidity and began inquiring about the items they serve.

Dexter took a moment and explained all of the fresh, delectable items they serve. I set my sights on the Filipino Bowl with pork belly and received a bowl filled with sticky rice, cooked impeccably, which absorbs the flavors of the pork belly delicately. What adds a real exciting sneak attack is the adobo seasoning. It blends just the right kick with a mellow finish one comes to expect from adobo. The veggies are crisp and fresh, and the bowl is finished with the appropriate hard-boiled egg cooked flawlessly.

I have not done any research into the authenticity of Filipino cuisine. What I can tell you is the food here is great, regardless of its etiology. The service is admirable and the owner is a stand-up guy.

The Big Boy says, don't be afraid to step out of the box and try some original, fresh, and exciting food at Barkada Bowl.