Barrier Jacks

Wednesday 26 September, 2018

Barrier Jacks- Cocoa Beach- 3 Stars

I was meandering up the A1A the other day when I came upon the loneliest looking restaurant I think I have ever seen in Cocoa Beach. Sitting amongst a few condos with empty lots on either side was Barrier Jack's. Feeling a bit peckish I pulled into the parking lot and was walking towards the door when I noticed a very excited and extremely well-endowed dog near the entrance. Not sure if my leg was going on a date or not, I cautiously crept past him and stepped inside (thankfully, retaining the purity of my left leg).

Barrier Jack's is your typical nautically themed locale complete with t-shirt sales and sea charts on the walls. After being seated and looking over the menu, I was soon ready to order and awaited my waitron. A charming individual named Stacy soon approached and queried as to my readiness to order. Being wary of my waistline I kept it down to one order of chicken fried steak with two eggs over easy and a side of homefries as well as an order of their liver and onions with veggies and mashed potatoes on the side.

Stacy was back in a matter of minutes with our food. Setting on our table, she pleasantly asked if we needed anything else and then left us to our nouvelle cuisine in peace. The first thing I noticed was that the chicken fried steak was really Sysco's country fried steak. Strike one. However, the home fries were fresh and obviously made on the premises, the eggs were cooked to a flawless over easy and the biscuit seemed fresh as well. Now on to the plate of liver and onions. I know what you're thinking. You're thinking The Big Boy must have a death wish to order liver and onions from a regular operation such as this. But, in my defense, I must say once again that this is not an easy meal to make tasty at home, so I use it as a good indicator of the competency of the kitchen staff.

Barrier Jack's, while using some Sysco products (boo and hiss), nailed the liver and onions purveying a sense of competency to this patron. Once again, the potatoes were made from real potatoes and mashed before being plonked down on my plate and the gravy was also made from scratch (at least it certainly tasted as rich as homemade). the veggies of the day were freshly cooked green beans. They were cooked perfectly, though deprived of flavor. They just came off a bit banal to my well-trained palate.

Not wanting to give the amorous pooch outside the wrong impression, we left what we didn't finish.

The Big Boy says, "for friendly service and food that's an average bang for the buck, you can't go wrong with Barrier Jack's. However, keep an eye out for Old Horny as you enter, unless you want your leg to give birth to a litter of fur babies! #bigboydiningout