Beachside Cafe

Monday 10 July, 2017

This is my second time reviewing this restaurant. The first time the owner contacted me and disputed the review. So it has been on my list of re-tries. I do retry places that may have had a bad day. So I walked in with an open mind and and empty stomach. When I left I still had and empty stomach and an upset 9 year old. I ordered the Greek Benedict home fries and biscuit. My daughter ordered pancakes and bacon. The server apparently was having a bad day because she was testy and disconnected from service.
My order arrived and it was a Greek omelet instead of Benedict. I picked up the Sysco pre-made biscuit and tapped it on the table where it dented the table. The egg surrounding the ingredients was flaccid and brown. I fork opened the omelet and the contents gushed out in a flow of liquid I have never witnessed before. Without me saying a word the server yanked the plate from my grasp as I was trying to photograph this mess. The star rating of this horrid horrid restaurant is deceptive because the owner manipulates the reviews. If you are from out of town I IMPLORE you to go somewhere else this restaurant is the WORST in Brevard County