Beachside Dogs

Thursday 26 April, 2018

Beachside Dogs - Canova Beach 4 Stars.
The last food wagon located here was terrible. I never reviewed it but it was not well. Thankfully, by becoming Big Boy Dining Out I am required to absterge my prior feelings and begin again. Thankfully, there are new owners and the new proprietors are doing something really cool and amazing. The hot dog stand OTB has fallen in my estimation. Beachside Dogs are young new hip and care about what they are serving. I ordered two hotdogs. Both were all beef natural casing wieners (at 52 I still love that word).
I ordered the Seattle Dog and the Kansas City Dog. The buns they serve are delicate but firm. It is almost like a New York deli roll.
The Kansas dog is smothered in onions sauerkraut and Thousand Island dressing. Really good. The Seattle dog has cream cheese, diced jalapeƱos, fried onions and sriracha. The latter dog is absolutely amazing. You can see this truck from A1A inside Canova Beach Park. Big Boy says skip taking a last stand and try this place. It's good stuff.