Beachside Seafood

Tuesday 23 January, 2018

Beachside Seafood- N. Indialantic- 1.5 Stars
This restaurant was very very very close to making the Big Boy's Top Five Worst list. I went here thinking it was an extension of the Seafood restaurant across the river. Apparently, the new owner bought out the previous owner after one month and decided to besmirch the reputation of that other fine establishment.
I ordered the lobster and shrimp combo. They also had deviled eggs sitting in a display case next to the register. I ordered 2. Sometimes as I am eating things I wonder to myself, "did the cook taste this before putting it out?" Apparently, the answer is no. I consider myself an aficionado on deviled eggs. If someone serves em I get em. These were the blandest most unflavorful thing I have ever tasted. Zero zilch nada nothing. It was just a lump of yellow paste. The funny thing is this was BETTER than the main course. The main offering consisted of a bare minimum amount of over cooked shrimp and baby lobster tails that were served in an aberrant garlic sauce that tasted made with shortening instead of butter. There was no redeemable features about this meal. Big Boy says skip it and drive over the causeway.