Beef ‘O’ Brady’s

Sunday 20 February, 2022

Beef O' Brady's- (chain restaurant)- Satellite Beach, FL
2.5 Stars

As I continued to reconnoiter the devastated restaurant landscape post-Covid, I find myself heading to another chain. Beef O' Brady's was founded in 1985 in Brandon, FL and still has its headquarters in Tampa. Growing to an Empire of 245 locations across seven southeastern states and with several in Brevard County, I am sure more than one reader is familiar with them.

Passing themselves off as a family-friendly Irish pub there were TV screens everywhere with every kind of game known to man showing. After being shown a table and handed a menu, I waited expectantly for my waiter.
As the menu didn't have all that much to offer, just your general pub offerings with some two passable Irish influenced dish (fish and chips and the obligatory Reuben). The two screens showing a football match had more to say about this being an Irish pub than the menu, that's for sure.

Forcing herself away from the obviously earth-shattering discussion she was having with the bartender, a waitress came over and introduced herself as Alex. She is most likely suffering from a case of the post-Covid blues, but blimey she came off as sour and miserable. I placed an order for the Fish and Chips and Six Boom Boom bone-in wings.

As someone who regularly takes and posts pics of nosh, I know it can be difficult to accurately represent said food, however, I must say that the fish sticks on the menu were grossly misrepresented as the ones I was served looked nothing like the ones on the menu and fell flat on the palate. The chips, or fries as we call them, were your average run of the mill frozen variety and left much to be desired.

The Boom Boom wings saved the day. They were cooked to perfection and the sauce is pleasant, smooth and had a wonderful kick in the after taste. Truly, delightful.

The Big Boy says, "This is OK for phone it in food, but honestly, you can get much better fare at Long Doggers or 2 Angry Wives (another Irish Pub just reviewed). #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout