Bella Luna Restaurant and Pizza

Monday 08 October, 2018

Bella Luna Restaurant- Melbourne/Suntree- 3 Stars

Am I a lucky guy, or what? I was fortunate enough to be born and raised on the Space Coast of the Sunshine State and another family owned and operated Italian eatery just popped up on my random generator.

After my last visit to Bacco Wine and Grill, I was looking forward to seeing what the husband and wife team over at Bella Luna could offer the world of foodies.

After a short wait, I was immediately lead to a table and handed a menu. Perusing the menu, my eyes lit at the asterisk in front of the listing for the Veal Marsala. Could this mean that they have collapsed under the pressure of the animal rights extremists and serve it with pork, chicken or a veggie patty? Running my eye to the bottom of the menu I noticed that it was not only real veal but, the asterisk denoted a house specialty.

Our table was soon visited by one of the owners, Grace. She introduced herself in a rather lackluster way and also said she would be taking our order this afternoon. After placing our order for Pasta e Fagioli, Fettuccini Alfredo and the house specialty Veal Marsala, Grace lethargically turned to return our dining request to the kitchen. Perusal, I took this opportunity to glance around the interior. It was clean, well lit and with the exception of one other diner, completely empty. While I do not take into account these things, only the food itself in my reviews, they can be a good indication of the quality of the edibles.

28 minutes later, again that was 28 minutes later (with one other customer in the cavernous cafe) Grace languidly returned with our menu choices. I could only assume that it took this long as our food was made to order (including the bread). Grace set a basket of warmed Garlic bread on our table as an accompaniment to the meal. Pasta e Fagioli, for those that may not know, is a traditional Italian soup of pasta and beans and as in most Italian dishes people are familiar with, it began as "peasant" food. However, this was not even fit for peasants in the most brutal feudal system found in any society at any time in history. This was Sysco's finest and was only fit for the garbage. After such an inauspicious beginning, it was with some trepidation that I turned my attention to the Fettuccine Alfredo. Much to my surprise, the sauce was incredibly creamy and had just the right hint of butter as noted by my demanding palate, however, this was all for naught as the pasta had to have been overlooked while boiling as it was far too done. The side salad was almost as good as the sauce. It consisted of fresh baby greens, shredded purple cabbage, grated cheese, and their Italian dressing. Well, calling it dressing is a stretch as to my tastes it only consisted of olive oil. No vinegar, no herbs, no salt, just olive oil.

Finally, we arrive at one of the noted (on the menu at least) house specialties, Veal Marsala. The veal was USDA Prime and cooked to an utter state of divinity, the mushrooms had the inconsistent look all too familiar to the freshly cut fungus, leading me to assumed they were not of the canned variety. However, the wine must have been a bit past its prime as the sauce was bitter to the point of being gross and inedible. The only way I can think of that happening, other than adding vinegar to the pan, is for the wine to have turned.

The Big Boy says, "If you're in love with creamy, buttery Alfredo sauce and fresh, warm garlic bread check out Bella Luna, for anything else, avoid this Beautiful Moon and keep to the sunlight. #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy