Best Restaurant Update

Tuesday 12 June, 2018

I have written reviews of 185 restaurants to date, and yet there are hundreds of restaurants I still need to give a whirl. My base is in Brevard County, Florida, which means I have only about 850 restaurants to go.

To update my Best Restaurant rankings, I have decided to make the following changes: I am removing DOCCS Kitchen due to the chef's moving to another restaurant and the culinary execution there is now lacking. I am also dropping Brasas because the best item on the menu was removed - keep in mind, the food is still exemplary, but just not at a Top 5 level any longer.

Please read my recent review of Cuizine and you will see why they are now added to the list. Additionally, I am elevating Skewers from Honorable Mention to number 5. I have eaten there twice since the last Top 5 and they more than deserve to enter the list at the #5 spot. Le Crave in Suntree now takes my new Honorable Mention rating.

Here we go with Big Boy Dining Out's current Top 5 Best Restaurants:

1. Ocean 302 (Melbourne Beach)
2. Cuizine (Satellite Beach)
3. Crush XI (Melbourne Downtown)
4. Djon's Chophouse (Melbourne Beach)
5. Skewers (Indialantic)

Honorable Mention: Le Crave (Suntree)