Billie’s Melbourne Beach

Tuesday 10 January, 2017

Well, my friend and I checked in here to eat breakfast. The front actually faces the ocean so you need to walk around to the back. There was no one here except me and my friend of course. I asked where the breakfast menu was located. The person behind the counter leaned out and banged his hand on the board and hollered "RIGHT HERE. ARE YOU BLIND?" At that point I asked if he was the owner and In a snarling voice said yes I am. I am in the middle of the food order it's going to be awhile. I said okay thanks and left. Now, I know people have bad days but my goodness this was over the top. I guess that's why we were the only customers for breakfast. Try somewhere else.
Update: decided to take a second shot at it. I ordered an egg sandwich with spam, eggs and bacon. The young lady must have been related to the owner because her personality was unpleasant. Anyway, the whole sandwich was tasteless and unappealing. Not the worst I have ever had so I bumped them up one star