Bistro Fourchette

Wednesday 23 January, 2019

Bistro Fourchette- Vero Beach- 4.25-Stars

"The proof is in the pudding." -- F. Deford

Vero Beach is known for several things, among them Historic Dodgertown, McKee Botanical Gardens and fine dining. Well, maybe not so much that last one yet, but they are certainly working on it. With offerings such as Di Mare, Fire & Wine and Baci Trattoria, I am sure that the word is spreading like molasses on a hot summer day. It is safe to say that one can also add Bistro Fourchette to that list. A relative newcomer in the restaurant business, they opened in 2015, hit the ground with all knives sharpened and haven't looked back since. The man in the kitchen of this culinary hot spot is Chef Stéphane Becht and the woman in charge is his charming wife, Loretta.

Loretta greets their patrons at the door and gives each a personal welcome. As I stated, she is extremely endearing. As with a lot of places, the seating is opened in sections as the need arises. However, I like to sit in the back and so requested such. Loretta, not wanting to bring any unbalance to the tightly run ship that is Bistro Fourchette, at first denied my request with a polite, "I'm sorry that section is closed." I asked if it was for renovations or reservations, she replied with a negative and proceeded to accommodate us with a table in the back of a nice, quaint dining room, handed us our menus and went over the specials of the day.

It wasn't too long before a server brought us our bread and water. In a fine dining establishment, well, in any dining establishment for that matter, your first contact with the customer should be a good one and in this case, it was extraordinary. The French bread was baked fresh on site and done to perfection. We got slices of a crusty, flaky, soft, warm aroma filled loaf surely made under the guidance of a chef extraordinaire. Loretta reappeared at our table and inquired if we were ready to place our order. Thereupon, I requested an order of Escargot "Bourguignon," Steak Tartare, the plat du jour of Veal Bone Marrow and Filet de Truite (trout).

The place was filling up nicely when a server returned with a tray filled with our exquisite edibles. As one can clearly see by the attached photos, the Escargot was done traditionally and magnificently and tasted wonderful! The garlic butter was sublimely herbed and the Cognac left a note of sweet on the palate. The Steak Tartare was some of the most unusual variations of this classic French dish I have had the pleasure of eating. This was cubed, topped with fresh greens and had an edible flower on the side! Truly a work of art both to the eye and to the taste buds. The beef tenderloin was succulent, tender and farm fresh, though I did find it to be slightly under seasoned. The accompanying bread was again an amazing rendition of this worldwide staple.

On to the entrées. One of the specials of the day was Veal Bone Marrow. The veal bone was split down the middle, lightly seasoned and then roasted to divine doneness. Served with more of that ambrosial bread this was a savory, creamy, smooth dish I charge anyone to find to their disliking. Think of the most persnickety eater you know and I assure you they would love this special! Moving on to the last item to be reviewed, we come to the Filet de Truite. The trout was farm fresh, seared perfectly and came with some of the loveliest lemon chive Beurre Blanc (hot emulsified butter sauce) I have had the fortune to taste. The green beans also tasted like they were picked from a garden out back to order and the fingerling potatoes were a delight on the palate. I would be remiss if I didn't talk up Chef Stéphane a bit. He was trained in France at several Michelin star places including Auberge de l'lll in Alsace and Taillevent and Lucas-Carton, both in Paris.

The Big Boy says, "For a sampling of exquisite French dining without the need to bring your Platinum card on the Treasure Coast, Bistro Fourchette is the place to go." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout