Blueberry Muffin Restaurant

Monday 09 October, 2017

It's not often you have two terrible restaurants serving the exact same food owned my two distinct people but you do. This skim joint purports to bake fresh muffins daily. I asked for a blueberry muffin grilled. The server snapped we don't grill muffins on the weekend. "Owner's rule" so I asked for some butter and they brought whip. So I ate it plain. It was chalky and flavorless. There was one blueberry in the middle. It reminded me of Frank Rosenthal who demanded an equal number of blueberries in every muffin. Anyway, I digress, my daughter ordered a pancake. Simple right? Nope, it came out raw in the middle with batter oozing out. I guess this is why they can't grill muffins? Anyway, ordered eggs over hard. They can out over easy and slimy. My daughter got a second pancake it was fine.
Here is the rub. The ingredients here are not fresh. It's the same un-creative thoughtless food prep that is rampant in Brevard County. There are three top notch breakfast joints within 3 miles. Check my other reviews and you will find them