Bombay Curry

Wednesday 12 September, 2018

Bombay Curry- Melbourne - No Stars

Nothing upsets me more than incompetent boobery. Google, Yelp, the restaurant window, their own webpage and TripAdvisor all state it opens at 11:30 AM. We arrive and the place is closed. So I at first assume they have gone out of business. Just to be sure I call. A young man answers the phone. I ask if they have gone out of business. He says no, they open at noon. (I swear this stuff only happens to me). He hangs up on me. I turn to my friend and go I think he just hung up on me. Suddenly, the front door flies open and slams into the glass and this clown aggressively asks me what I want. I explained the whole Google, Yelp, TripAdvisor, Website and he responds yeah we never got around to changing it. I asked how long ago did it change? He said a few months. I told him I drove over here to specifically dine at the establishment based on the time listed. I even pointed to the TWO signs on his front window that say open at 11:30am. He response? Whatever and walks back inside. So.....

Big Boy says, "I guess even Eastern Indians suffer millennialitis." Skip this joint