Sunday 18 February, 2018

Brasas Grill-Indialantic, Florida 5-Stars
It is very rare for me to ever eat at the same restaurant twice due to the overwhelming necessity to try every restaurant before I go on to glory. One month ago I ate at Brasas for the first time. I was literally blown away by the complex flavors I experienced. As I sat at home in a state of cachexia pondering my meal options, I decided to satisfy my cravings and return to Brasas.
This den of delight is owned and managed by a pleasantly hyper gentleman named Alberto. His dedication to his food is second only to the infant he carries strapped to his stomach as he works. I decided to duplicate the meal I previously consumed. I ordered a steak skewer, a beef heart skewer, and a quarter chicken. The chicken comes with a side of Peruvian canary beans. The skewers come with home sliced potatoes and hominy on the cob. First let me begin by saying EVERYTHING is seasoned. No salt or pepper is needed. If you put ketchup on the potatoes you will have committed a venal sin. The food is that good. The steak is marinated in a lemon garlic combo that bursts with flavor. The beef hearts are similarly marinated. This was my first foray with heart. While texturally it is unusual, I strongly suggest putting out of your mind what you are eating and please try it. The chicken is a slow roasted rotisserie chicken. This is the weakest entry of the 3, but still better than 90% of the food at other restaurants. All I can say is try it. If the Big Boy goes twice you absolutely should go once.