Brassie Grille

Monday 18 December, 2017

Brassie Grille...4 Stars Melbourne Beach. Sometimes you find better food at places you would least expect. I went to the Brassie Grille at the Aquarina golf course. I walked in and the music was pounding and the service was less than desirable however, once the food arrives your thoughts are wow I didn't expect this. Except I did expect it. For some reason restaurants that De-emphasize service usually present an above average meal. I know there are no statistics on this just my personally obtained empirical data. Brassie Grille has the nascent beginnings of something special if the owner decides they want this place to hit on all cylinders.
I ordered a tuna melt sandwich and the black and bleu burger. The tuna was fresh and executed flawlessly. Occasionally cooks put too much mayo and no seasoning. This had a perfect blend of mayonnaise and spice. The bread was toasted/grilled leaving a crisp buttery finish to the standard offering. The black and bleu burger had fresh blue cheese crumbles sautéed onions on a bun that was grilled. This latter mention is a rarity. Most diners just slap a burger in a bun and serve. It takes special care to toast/grill a hamburger bun. Give it a try. It's worth the drive.