Brazil 4 You

Sunday 01 September, 2019

Brazil 4 You- West Melbourne-3-Stars

"Brazil is not what you see but what you feel..." -- F. Costa

When the name Brazil 4 You appeared on my eatery generator, I couldn't help but chuckle just a tad. What is it with names lately? I understand what they are trying to do with the name, after all, they are a Brazilian/South American market as well as a restaurant. However, Brazil 4 You still sounds like some cheap going out of business electronics store one finds in NY. Be that as it may, I am not reviewing the name, just the grub. Wondering my way through the veritable cornucopia of Brazilian/South American items I noticed some old favorites such as Guarana (Brazil's national soda). If you have never experienced this, I highly recommend it; while It might be a tad sweet on some palates, I find it extremely refreshing and a nice change from tea and American sodas.

Approaching the counter I engaged the help with cultured badinage about Brazil and Florida when I saw Kibbeh, or rather, Quibe in Portuguese, on the menu. I couldn't help but wonder what an Arabic dish was doing in a Brazilian restaurant. I was assured by one of my staffers married to a Brasilera that, like America, Brazil is a melting pot of cultures. As such they have food items from all over the globe, not just Portugal. Arabic food is common here, especially the Quibe. With this information in hand, I placed an order for some Quibe, a Picanha sandwich. one Calabresa sandwich and one order of Belladoras (chicken).
Grabbing my order from the counter, I returned to my table and took a good long gander at my meal. Everything looked OK (see pictures), but the Big Boy is all about execution and so let the games begin. Popping my first ever Brazilian Quibe in my mouth I was at once taken by the texture. It was composed flawlessly, though I found it severely lacking in any and all flavor. Turning my palate towards the Picanha sandwich, I fear I must explain Picanha. Picanha is a cut of meat that is intrinsically Brazilian It is not like any cut you find in this country and if you want the real thing, you have to go to a Brazilian butcher or order it online. What sets it apart is the top ring of fat. Alas, this was not true Picanha, but rather top sirloin, the closest cut to be found in America. The other thing that sets Picanha apart is the way it is traditionally prepared, over an open flame in a Chuhasco ( barbeque). This was not only not true Picanha, but it was not grilled nor was it USDA Prime, just a cheap cut of crappy steak with no seasoning or flavor and accompanied by Sam's Club chips?? What are these cheap chips doing here?

The next item up for dissection was the Calabresa sandwich. Like Picanha, Calabresa is a distinctly Brazilian food. It is a sausage, but again, for the most part, it is grilled Chuhasco style (or sliced on pizza). I found the Calabresa sadly not unlike the previous items and while well constructed for the most part rather flat on the palate. And there were those junk chips again. Ugh! This brings us to the final item ordered, the Belladoras. Belladoras are potato bread stuffed with meats and cheeses and baked. I asked for mine with chicken and cheese. This was the saving grace of the meal and the reason for at least 1.5 stars in the rating. They were still warm from the oven, popping with flavor, gooey and the creamy cheese inside literally cascaded down my gullet. These right here were worth the trip and the sub-par meats that precluded it.

Big Boy says, "for a taste of Brazil, go and look." For flavorful food go somewhere else. #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy