Breakfast at Lily’s

Friday 24 November, 2017

Not gonna win any awards.......but; I enjoyed this place. This tiny dive is nestled inside a typical Florida strip center. The menu is eclectic. The tables are sticky but the service is impeccable. The server made several suggestions and didn't pull any punches. While I was waiting for my food to arrive a regular named Chuck stumbled in looking the worse for wear from what appeared to be a rather rough evening/morning. This is the beauty of beachside. Chuck peeled off his socks a put his grubby feet on the booth table across from me. Normally, this would be a disqualifier for me but I must admit I admired his panache. I felt more at ease after the cook stopped what he was doing and came out to greet Chuck. Why do I mention this? Simple!!!! Service. If I came to this hash joint every day I sure hope I was treated as well as Chuck.
The reality is this....the eggs and potatoes were seasoned and cook perfectly. The meat I ordered was prepared well. I did not take any chances because I was scared but now I regret it. Lily's is a cool place located in a wild location. If you are ever stuck in North Satellite Beach and need chow give em a whirl. There are certainly worse places.