Breakfast Station

Sunday 07 April, 2019

Breakfast Station- North Melbourne-4-Stars

"Eating at fast food outlets and other [chain] restaurants is simply a manifestation of the commodification of time coupled with the relatively low-value many Americans have placed on the food they eat. -- Andrew F. Smith

The above quote found in the Encyclopedia of Junk Food and Fast Food is a perfect summation of my thoughts on chain restaurants. I try to avoid reviewing them as it is all the same ingredients, prepared the same way and if you've had one, you've had them all. I also find, for the most part, that the chain food is usually not of the highest quality. So, when my random restaurant generator spit forth the Breakfast Station (with their 13 soon to be 14 places in their Floridian chain) as my next dining destination, I almost hit the reshuffle button, but figured since they were expanding within my Sunshine State, it would be for the betterment of all if I checked it out. Never say The Big Boy isn't a team player.

Still musing on change, I pulled into their parking lot off of Wickham road thinking that it was a good thing they only served Breakfast and Lunch. This limits operating costs and should focus on the food offered for these two meals. However, as I was outted coming in and this place is a franchise I almost left, but they were so friendly that I decided to stay. All I could do is trust I would be treated as any other patron and no special attention would be spared my order (at least no more than the next ticket spun on the wheel). I was soon approached by an extremely nice lady by the name of Karis. Karis was professional, neat, friendly, charming and knowledgeable when it came to the menu, all you could ask of in a server. I asked for the Country Fried Steak with a short stack of dollar pancakes.

Within seemingly moments, Karis returned with a tray laden with breakfast goodies and began setting them in front of me. The smells wafting up reminded me somewhat of breakfast at Grandma's with freshly tapped maple syrup and just picked blueberries. Jolting me back from memory lane with the perfunctorily, "Need anything else," Karis left assuring to be back later to check on me. Leaving me alone with my work, I ardently acquired my cutlery and commenced to scarfin' down the scrumptiously scented sustenance before me.

While I am sure the steak used for the Country Fried Steak had to be frozen and shipped en masse to the other locations, but dang dabbit if it wasn't delicious. The eggs were cooked to a perfect medium hard and everything was seasoned properly and went together like, well, steak and eggs. The breading wrapped around the steak was complex in flavor and added a subtle, lingering pop to the taste. The home fries. What can I say about home fries? Along with bacon, they are my favorite thing about the most important meal of the day. These were masterfully prepared with just the right amount of seasoning and as you can tell from the pictures, fried to an aesthetically pleasing golden crispiness of morning goodness! The pancakes tasted as pancakes should and were grilled properly with just the right amount of golden doneness on the outside and a delightful springy inside. If there was one downside of the meal as a whole it would have to be the biscuit. As a born and raised Southerner I know a good biscuit like I know the road to Grandma's house and sadly, these were not them. they seemed homemade and not of the plug and play food supplier variety, but they kinda tasted like it. I don't know if they were nearing the point of being out of the oven too long, or if the baker had an off morning. Whatever the reason, they fell far flat from the rest of the ordered fare.

The Big Boy says, "For outstanding quality and presentation in a chain, this is the place to go." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout