Broken Spoke Bar & Grill

Saturday 06 April, 2019

Broken Spoke Bar & Grill- Fellsmere- No Rating

No Rating

"What kind of music do you usually have here?" "Oh, we got both kinds. We got Country AND Western!" -- The Blues Brothers

As I am an avid fan of classic Country music, I must admit I was a bit overjoyed that the Broken Spoke Bar & Grill showed up as the next place to review. Just the name concocted images of a long wooden bar, beer on tap, Hank on the jukebox and some folks cuttin' the rug on the dance floor. Admittedly, I wasn't expecting much in the way of cuisine as bar and grills seldom have anything on the menu to write home about, though most are at least edible.

Entering the place I found myself at a conundrum as a place billing itself as a Bar and Grill seems to lack the needed bartender to qualify as such. Maybe they were on the honor system? Quelling my temptation to draw a hefty frothy tap myself and drop a Ten Spot on the counter, I waited to be sat. A human finally showed up and introduced himself as Lance, both owner and bartender. Looking around I noticed that the place was extremely clean, however as Lance was going over the menu a heavy stone like feeling began to materialize in my stomach. None of it sounded appetizing at all, though my interest was piqued at the mention of "Fresh Frog Leg Fridays" and I made a mental note to come back then. Lance also informed me that they had a DJ on the weekends and that they had just opened in December of 2018. With a large picnic area for outside dining and a smoke-free interior, this place could have a lot going for it if Lance would just improve the quality of his chuck wagon chow.

Just to sum up, this is not a review of the food offered at the Broken Spoke Bar & Grill as the menu and Lance's vocal description completely turned me off gastronomically speaking. I liked the cleanliness of the place, the friendliness and honesty of the owner, the aforementioned Lance and the promise of fresh Frog Legs on Fridays.

The Big Boy, like General MacArthur, "...shall return."