Cabana Shores Tiki Bar & Grill

Sunday 27 January, 2019

Cabana Shores- Palm Shores- 4.25-Stars

Located across the Pineda Causeway from PAFB and just a bit to the south is where one will find Cabana Shores Tiki Bar & Grill. Don't let the name fool you, while there is a South Pacific theme going on here, there are no mechanical talking birds, just plenty of TVs to catch the game and ample space inside and out in which to do so and breathtaking views of the beach. They do have the obligatory T-shirt sales and other souvenirs but don't let that distract you from the food.

Grabbing an open table, it wasn't long before our server, Kylie presented herself along with some menus for us to peruse. Before she left, she went over the day's specials and offered some suggestions we might find to our liking. I must say that I was very impressed with her knowledge of the menu, options and choices. She knew it backward, forwards, sideways and upside down. In short, she is the epitome of the perfect server and gets a BBDO award for being one of the best server's in Brevard County. She is professional, outgoing, charming, makes well thought out suggestions and automatically boxes the food. Let us at BBDO be the first to congratulate her on this prestigious award! Way to go, Kylie. You are outstanding and set high standards for all who follow in your footsteps. Keep up the fantastic work!! Going with Kylie's suggestion, I asked to start with an order of Fried Yellow Peppers followed with a Cabana-Manwich Burger "dirty."

I swear it couldn't have been more than a minute before Kylie was back with the Fried Yellow Peppers and my Cabana-Manwich. The Yellow Peppers are hand battered and fried perfectly. The accompanying dipping sauce is out of this world. It is complex with a depth of flavors beginning with a smooth almost sweetness and then ending with a solid punch of spice right in the kisser. In fact, I found these to be so incredibly tasty that I couldn't stop eating them. Usually, it's just enough to get a good sample for my reviews and I take the rest home, but I just couldn't let these sit. Score one for Kylie.

If the Cabana-Manwich was half as good as the fried peppers, this was going to be a very enjoyable lunch. As you can see by the posted pictures it was slathered profusely in queso, just the way queso is intended to be used. Underneath this glorious river of melted cheese sat two burgers hand patted and grilled to a perfect medium rare nestled among some of the freshest, tastiest grilled onions and bell peppers I have had. Oh, and did I mention bacon?! The meat candy was grilled to a perfect crispiness and added a special delicious crunch to the Manwich. I would be remiss if I didn't mention the bread upon which it sat and the side of sweet fries I ordered on another one of Kylie's well thought out suggestions. The fresh hoagie was just that. It was exceedingly fresh and toasted to a wondiferous golden brown. The sweet fries were fried slices of nummy that toned down the slight heat from the queso with the right amount of sweetness. They had that perfect crispy outside to that soft, warm inside one expects from perfectly fried fries of any nature. Obviously, Kylie wasn't the only one in the joint that was a master at plying her trade.

The Big Boy says, "For the best server in all of Brevard County and some downright tasty grub, pay Kylie a visit at Cabana Shores Tiki Bar & Grill. Tell her the Big Boy sent ya! Oh, and please tell her that her award is "in the mail." #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout