Cafe Coconut Cove

Sunday 12 February, 2017

Unhappy Review warning!!!!! Cafe Coconut Grove in Melbourne Beach, Florida is a shining example of mediocrity in its use of frozen non-homemade ingredients. To best describe the problems here is my response to the owner who was shocked at my displeasure with their food.

"I am surprised you took the time to message me. Here is my opinion. I am sure my comments won't change anything but before I posted my reviews I felt I need to share with you my observations about the meal. I ordered the combination plate. It consisted of a frozen bratwurst that had been quick defrosted and fried. The sauerbraten was not made by your cooks. That was frozen prepackaged and sauced out of a pre-made package. The potato puff was well cooked however it was completely devoid of flavor. The jaeger Schnitzel while breaded and prepared by your cooks, likewise had absolutely no seasoning. However, the part that truly befuddled me was the red cabbage. As an "authentic" German restaurant how can you feel good about serving canned Sysco red Cabbage. I love German food and have eaten some great German food in Minnesota and Ohio. I have also eaten authentic German food in San Francisco and New York. I assume you are happy making a living and getting by but you won't be winning any food awards.
By the way Service was awesome. Beyond awesome."