Cafe in Paradise

Saturday 20 April, 2019

Cafe In Paradise-Sebastian-5-Stars

****Hidden Gem****

"Cheeseburger in paradise/Medium rare with mustard'd be nice/Heaven on Earth with an onion slice/I'm just a cheeseburger in paradise." -- Jimmy Buffett

I couldn't help myself, as soon as the name of my next dining destination appeared on the BBDO restaurant generator, Cafe in Paradise, this song just popped in my head and continued all the way down south. Upon arriving at said destination, the song quickly left my head and was replaced with the infamous line from the Warriors, "Warriors! Come out to play-ay!" as the eating establishment was in what had to be the dingiest strip mall I have ever seen this side of an abandon inner city (think downtown Detroit). Maybe the name of the eatery, Cafe in Paradise, was really some kind of carny code for, "in the middle of a run-down industrial park." Well, I may not have seen any worse for wear strip malls in my time, but I certainly have seen worse areas of the country. Sucking up any misgivings I may have had based on the outside and surrounding neighborhood, I exited the BBDO mobile and headed on inside.

The inside, thankfully, was spotlessly clean and exceedingly quaint. They really did a bang up job on the interior, that's for sure. With an absolutely gorgeous wooden bar fronting the place, you will find ample seating throughout and huge booths lining the walls. Adroitly festooned with sea critters on the walls and a subdued color scheme, it is a very relaxing atmosphere and one sure to put everyone at ease. Michelle is the server today and while on the outside it did not appear that she was enjoying her job, she was spot on, professional and very observant of her customer's needs (bringing extra napkins without being asked -- I love it!).

I put in an order for their Ultimate Cheeseburger grilled to a medium-rare and one Soho Reuben (sans any werewolves from London). Enjoying the pleasant "chill vibe" of the place, one would almost think they were on the island as life runs at a different pace beachside. They certainly got that in spades here. Just as I was about to slither into a state of total relaxation, Michelle brought forth our enticing edibles. The Ultimate Cheeseburger was just that...ultimate. First off, the bun was toasted (cheer), the burger was freshly formed in the back and grilled to the perfect medium-rare. As if that was not enough it was topped with real, honest to Green Giant fresh, hand cut mushrooms! I know, right?! The mushrooms were, to my guess, sauteed with the onions and draped over the melted cheese like so much icing on a meat cake. Oh, I almost forgot the glorious pieces of consummately grilled meat candy (bacon) between the layer of mushrooms/onions and a freshly sliced tomato. This was the first cheeseburger I have had that actually lived up to the menu name of being the "Ultimate." Well done, Cafe in Paradise. Well. Done.

Turning my discerning eyes towards the Soho Reuben, I thought it was time to put the Ultimate Cheeseburger down and finish the job at hand (reviewing, not scarfing down deliciously grilled cow flesh with meat candy). The Soho Reuben came as advertised, piled high with freshly sliced pastrami and including a grilled knockwurst, freshly cut onions and what had to be homemade Russian dressing on perfectly toasted slices of some of the best tasting marbled rye bread I have yet had. The imported Swiss used certainly put this sammich over the top. The cheese had a subtle, taste with a strong finish as only the best Swiss cheese does. The crisp kosher dill spear on the side was the cherry on top of this dish. It was crisp, tasty and added a lovely finish to the melded flavors of this amazing representation of the Reuben. This place is good. This place is wonderful. This place is worthy of a BBDO 5 star rating. All day, every day.

The Big Boy says, "If you are looking for amazing burgers and flavorful sandwiches with servers on the top of their game, come to Cafe in Paradise, enjoy the chill vibe and excellent food. Just leave your parrot outside!" #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout