Cap’s Pizza

Sunday 04 August, 2019

Cap's Pizza- South Vero Beach- 3-Stars

"You better cut the pizza in four pieces, because I'm not hungry enough to eat six." -- Yogi Berra

When is it not a good time for Pizza? I'll wait as you ponder that conundrum. I certainly cannot argue with that fact that any day ending in the letter "y" and any time ending in A.M. or P.M. is the perfect time for pizza and as such was not at all disappointed when yet another Pizza and Pub joint appeared on my random chuck wagon generator. Climbing into the BBDO mobile, I pointed her south and hit the gas. Meandering down to Vero Beach didn't take all that long as most of the snowbirds have migrated back home. Cap's Pizza in Vero Beach is conveniently located near the junction of Oslo Rd. and Emerson Ave. As they are housed in a building with a vacant neighbor, there is ample parking out front.
Once inside I was greeted warmly enough and shown to a table. A woman soon approached exuding the worst vibes I have ever picked up from a server and introduced herself as Nicole. Nicole has one of the worst personalities I have ever experienced since I began this journey over 18 months ago. Even worse than the repulsive server at Rooney's (if that has slipped your mind, search the site for Rooney's). Nicole was rude and certainly did not enjoy her job, at least as far as I could tell. However, one should not take that out on your customers and while Nicole wasn't yelling at me, she certainly was not polite by any stretch of the word. Wading through her unpleasantness I where I ordered two slices; one Spinach and one Pepperoni.

As Her Disagreeableness retreated with my order, I took the time to glance about as is my practice. With all the Little League accouterments adorning the joint, it was clear that Cap was certainly involved in the local community. Kudos to Cap for that. It wasn't all that long before I saw Nicole grudgingly bringing my order out. As one can clearly see by the accompanying photos, the pizza certainly looked wonderful!
The dough on both was fresh and crisp with the right amount of chewiness to do a pizza parlor proud. The cheese was cheese, nothing spectacular, but at least it was the real deal. The Spinach slice had loads of butter and cheese on it. It was a delicious combination and complimented the spinach perfectly without overpowering it, nor getting lost in it. The spinach was a lovely shade of green and tasted fresh. The Pepperoni was of excellent quality and while not as big as I like them, they were certainly not of a chintzy size.
How does a place with harrowing service stay in business, you might ask? By slinging high quality 'za out of the oven (in this case). While this wasn't the best pizza I've had since I began this sojourn, it was certainly in the top 20. On a side note, I glanced at the Stromboli's on the way out and they certainly look like a winner.

The Big Boy says, "If you can fight through the horrendous service, the food is worth it." #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy