Capt’n Butchers Seafood Grill & Bar

Sunday 07 July, 2019

Capt'n Butchers Seafood And Grill-Sebastian- 1-Star

"Surely, you can't be serious. I am serious...and don't call me Shirley." -- Airplane!

When the next place to show up on my random grub stop generator, I was intrigued, to say the least. As it was located down in Sebastian, I knew I would have a lovely cruise down the coast, but it was the name that got me. Most places of this type (like 99.90%), have the moniker Bar & Grill, this one was Grill & Bar. I assumed this meant they focused more on the grill part than the bar part and with that thought, I was looking forward to sampling their fire cooked fare.

Arriving at my destination, I entered the aforementioned establishment and was greeted and seated with courtesy by the front of the house staff. Going over the menu and glancing around per my modus operandi, I noticed a few things. First of all, I found the menu holding my interest as they had some rather delicious sounding items and the interior was soothingly minimalistic in design and was quite charming as well. I was soon approached by a pleasant enough waiter by the name of Phil. I asked Phil if all of the items were made in house and he assured me that they were. That would be great, for I found the menu, as previously stated, to read fantastically well. Phil was professional, charming, engaging and possessed in-depth knowledge of the menu. In short, Phil is the type of waiter one expects to find in a "fine" dining place, not a fish shack. Time will tell soon enough if the hash slung forth from the kitchen is equal to Phil's service.

To that end, I told Phil that I would like to try their Fish Tacos with a side of homemade coleslaw. As the place was fairly empty, I passed the time keeping up with the BBDO Face Book page and wondering why the place was so dead at lunchtime. Taking in the stupendous view, I surmised that I would discover that answer soon enough as Phil was seen returning with my lunch.
As you can see by the pictures, the food looked appetizing enough. However, as I dug into the Fish Tacos I came across something I had heretofore not encountered in my dining experience...unidentifiable fish meat. We have all had "mystery" meat before, but "mystery" fish? This was new to me. As it was very unpleasant on the palate, I can only assume it was part of the fish including the bloodline. At least they could have served them on authentic corn tortillas to try to save the tacos from the horrendous fish, but no. My undetermined chunks o' fish were enclosed by flour tortillas. Traditionally speaking, Fish Tacos are to be served in fresh, warm corn tortillas (double wrapped). Using the flour kind not only makes them not the real deal, but it is also the cheaper way out.

Now, if you are an avid follower of the BBDO team (thank you if you are), then you know my affinity for good coleslaw. I"m Southern by birth and it's in my DNA, that's just how it works down here. Homemade coleslaw can be out of this world, or it can be like the slaw slung at Capt'n Butchers. While it was obviously made on site, I think the vinegar had started to ferment as it was no good on the palate. It had that "vinegar gone bad" taste. Which is a shame as I am sure with fresh vinegar it would have been fantastic as all the other ingredients were crisp, fresh and hand chopped.

To wrap things up Capt'n Butchers Seafood Grill & Bar offers picturesque views, excellent service and below average provisions. Phil needs to go someplace that serves food complimentary to his professional service.

The Big Boy says, "For great views and amazing service, this is the place. For good food, not so much."
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