Charley’s Philly Steaks

Friday 10 March, 2017

After I ate the Philly Bomb Cheesesteak sandwich I asked myself how could someone rate this restaurant above one star? This may easily be the worst food in Brevard County. When you take into account all of the food poorly prepared in this county to be the worst takes some real talent. It's like a professional singer trying to sing off key. You just know something ain't right. What's not right about Charley's? Simple...disregard the fact the employees are sleepwalking through the day. I am sure they are no more excited about the drek spewing out of this place than the customers are. The ingredients are stale and unpleasant, the bread is morbid and just there. I mean literally how did the owner of this place taste the ingredients and think WOW? It's impossible. I have eaten cheesesteaks all over this country, the Philly bomb is just that. A complete bomb. Please close and let someone else use the space. Horrid!!