Charlie Graingers – CLOSED

Saturday 27 January, 2018

Charlie Graingers- Viera/N. Melbourne 1.5 Stars
I was unaware this restaurant was a chain until after I ordered my food and saw a solicitation to franchise.
What got me wondering was who would taste this food and think hey I could become the king of poor tasting brisket and spongy flavorless hotdogs let me buy a franchise. I chalk it up to the Subway/Jersey Mike's syndrome of serve horrendous food and some schmuck will come and eat it.
Anyway, I ordered a hot dog Lou's Way. After eating one of these hotdogs Lou must have thought holy moley these are terrible let me completely cover this with chili and cheese. The problem is the pimento cheese and the chili are so unbalanced it is inedible. The also put turgid cole slaw and relish in the mix. After scraping the mess off the top I was faced with a light green dog that was undercooked. Sadly, this was the upside of the meal.
The brisket sandwich was actually worse. I did not see any kitchen appliances that could make this brisket nor was there a cooked outside. I drove around to see. The brisket, was like the hot dog, undercooked. It was slathered in what they claim was a "special" molasses sauce. All I tasted was sugar bordering on grape jelly. Mixing grape jelly with underprepared brisket almost resulted in me engaging in the cacoethes of throwing the food at the employees but I realized it's not their fault they are just doing their job. Big Boy says stay away, FAR away