Charlie & Jake’s Barbque

Saturday 31 March, 2018

Charlie & Jake's Barbeque- Indian Harbour Beach- 2 Stars.
In the 1960's there was a great comedy record distributed in the USA. It was titled The Crepitation Contest. The punch line ultimately turned on a battle of mundane noises emitted by the contestants. What does this have to do with this Charlie and Jake's? Sadly, there was so much food related noise in this dive that flavors and execution were totally left on the stage.
Hey, let's design a menu to catch the attention of the community. Then, we will serve great drinks, big TVs and great service. Then we will cut every food corner possible and if some schmuck complains we will comp his meal so we can sleep at night and tell everyone......well we offered a free meal.
Unfortunately, these are the range of emotions I envisioned the owners of this establishment having during the inception meeting to discuss their business plan. All of the previous comments are complete speculation on my part. After tasting the fancy ambitious drek served by this really cool restaurant,
I realized there was a complete and total lack of care or concern regarding the food quality churned by Charlie or by Jake.
I ordered a panoply of items starting with a bowl of Brunswick Stew Spicy, a true staple of all barbecue restaurants. Not sure what the non-spicy stew tastes like but it would be tough to make a MORE flavorless bowl of stew than Charlie's did. The bowl tasted overwhelmingly like ketchup. So, I suspect they used some third rate tomato product to arrive at the slimy consistency. I also ordered the Burnt Ends which are brisket end pieces. These are smoked, covered in sauce and re-smoked. These chewy flavorless tips of brisket had zero seasoning as well. I love barbecue, I mean LOVE barbecue and I have consumed it in some of the dingiest locales. It's hard to screw up brisket tips. I finished with the Bleu Burger. All I can say is look at the photo. I ordered medium rare it came out shoe leather. The one bright spot was the service. Hannah, is one of the best service industry employees I have ever encountered. She is quick, on point, she cares and can spot problems. Between Hannah and the fantastic ambiance I am going to rate 2 stars instead of one star. I am doing this because if you want to sit and drink a beer and watch tv I would come here. If you want food? Big Boy says go somewhere else.