Chef Mario’s Cafe

Sunday 22 April, 2018

Chef Mario's Cafe - Eau Gallie - 4 Stars.
After my last two Italian restaurant reviews where my life was threatened, it's refreshing to find an Italian restaurant that engages in aboveboard conduct and delivers well conceived, flavorful food that is executed with perfection. We came on Valentine's Day so it was crowded and the service staff was not well prepared for the onslaught. Several tables left before receiving their food. I assume this is a one-off occurrence. I could be wrong. Thankfully, I do not rate on service and luckily for Chef Mario, because the service was so bad.
However, the food is truly amazing. We started with a crab cake topped with pesto. The crab was seasoned perfectly and the pesto was tangy, fluffy and pleasurable. Next came the Caesar salad. Homemade dressing dripping with fresh garlicky punch. You can see the tiny garlic chunks in the photo. Unlike its competition it is not hard to accept everything here is lovingly made. There are no cut corners.
The main course of Veal Marsala was a passion du jour of succulent morsels of veal in an elaborate, complex Marsala sauce. These medallions of divine meat were placed atop a mound of fresh homemade pasta cooked exquisitely.
There is no substitution for an intense desire to please. Chef Mario pulls that off with ease. Big Boy gives a strong recommendation to Chef Mario. Try it you will like it.