Cibelli’s Pizza

Saturday 11 May, 2019

Cibelli's Pizza-Satellite Beach- 3.75-Stars

"I don't care if you're doing haute cuisine or burgers and pizza, just do it right." -- G. Achatz

It's only April and another of my childhood idols have passed. This getting old crap sure ain't for the weak! Reading the tributes flowing in on the passing of Professional Wrestling Icon, King Kong Bundy (born Christopher Alan Pallies) I was saddened by his loss, but happy in the stroll down memory lane. One thing for sure, at 6'4' and a whopping 458 pounds, the man obviously found his jouissance in doing more than tossing a "baby face" over the top rope, my guess is that being from New Jersey, the man found great pleasure in eating New York style Pizza. All of this was swimming through my mind as Cibelli's Pizza, Wings & Things reared up on my random dining place Thingamajig (I really need a name for this device, any suggestions?) as the next for review.

Heading up to Satellite Beach, I was enjoying the scenery when sooner than later I spotted my destination, right across from the beach. Nice! There is no host/hostess as it is self-order at the counter, then find your own seat. Gazing at their menu and eyeing the pies being devoured, I knew at once that King Kong Bundy would have felt right at home here. The counter help was a charming young man by the name of Morgan and he was not only charming but exceedingly polite and helpful. With some difficulty, I finally narrowed down my menu choices and placed an order for 12 wings (hot) and a 10" Pepperoni Pizza. I was going to order some unsweetened tea, but as you can see by the ain't real tea, so I skipped my favorite beverage and this made me sad.

Finding an empty table, I parked my rotund carcass in a chair and directed my view towards the ocean. I've lived here my whole life and I will never get tired of that view. Just as I was being pulled into a deep state of relaxation, I was informed that my food was up. As I returned to my table, I was reeling from the aromas wafting up from my tray as if I had been the victim of a Bundy Big Splash while in the corner. It was all I could do not to stop right there and plop a wing in my mouth. Steeling myself, I made it back to the table and commenced to the job at hand.

Beginning with the Wings was the right choice as you can see by the attached pictures they looked gorgeous. The wings not only looked awesome but were cooked to perfection and the sauce had enough heat to smack your sweat glands like a Bundy headbutt, while not overpowering the flavor of the wings. They were absolutely to die for. I usually only have a bite or two of each dish for critiquing purposes, but I just couldn't stop eating these wings!

Taking a minute to pat my brow with a spare napkin, I couldn't help but miss that unsweetened tea as I waited for the heat to subside from my palate enough for my taste buds to focus on the flavors of the pizza (real tea, real tea, real tea!). Once again, I direct your attention to the photos. Just look at that magnificent pizza pie!! This would make any East Coaster burst with pride and feel right at home. It was on some of the best dough I have yet had, slathered with tasty, made fresh sauce, loaded with real mozzarella cheese and just take a gander at the size of those pepperonis! While most, if not all, pizza looks appetizing, few actually taste as delicious as they look and I can tell you unequivocally that the pizza at Cibelli's does indeed do just that. The only thing that could top those wings was their pizza.

I am sure, without a doubt, that had this place been around when King Kong Bundy was working the Southern wrestling promotions, he would have made a point to stop in at Cibelli's and order the largest pie on the menu! In fact, I daresay, any person that loves good pizza, friendly service and a great beach view would! They certainly had me down for the count in a hurry.

The Big Boy says, "If you're looking for awesome pizza and wings with a great beach view and friendly staff, book a main event at Cibelli's. You're sure to leave feeling like the WWE Champ!" #bigboydiningout #iamthebigboy