Cocoa Beach Sports Pub & Grill

Monday 26 November, 2018

Cocoa Beach Sports Pub - Cocoa Beach - 1.5 Stars

Cigarettes in Paradise - the only place left in Brevard where degenerate cancer stick suckers can inhale carcinogenic-laced brown plants that deliver absolutely no buzz or high.

The restaurant that previously served food has been shut down and the tables and chairs are stacked in a manner reminiscent of Louis Felluide's desperate stacking in the seminal serial "Les Vampires." The only bright spot in this dingy dump is Becca, the bartender. She is positive, outgoing, and a very happy person which tells you right there that she definitely is at the wrong bar. As you look around and see the mass of power drinkers, crackheads, and toothless meth abusers, you wonder how she can earn a living on tips here. I personally saw two people I represented when I was a public defender back in 1994, so I know the clientele is not of particularly generous means.

The owner skulks around the bar, constantly complaining to the point it is almost unbearable to watch. I assume he is so crabby as a result of liquor cost. Here they pour a very strict 1 oz pour, which at $4.00 is a fair price, but not for Inver House scotch, which is $8.00 for the whole bottle.

Big Boy says if you are a teetotaler who has a college sociology project due, then this cave would be fun to check out. Also, if you have some white shirts you would like to turn yellow, then this poorly ventilated trash heap is for you. But if you want a good drink, go somewhere else.

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