Coconuts On The Beach

Monday 27 August, 2018

Coconuts On The Beach- Cocoa Beach- 3.5 Stars

Cruisin' up the A1A in my trusty automobile, I couldn't help but reflect on my current state of existence. I have this gorgeous body of water on my right known as the Atlantic Ocean, a beautiful silver ribbon of a river to my left (The Banana River this far north) and I am off for another culinary adventure. Life is good.

As I crossed into the Cocoa Beach city limits, I began to feel a bit peckish and so grabbing my trusty list of restaurants yet to be reviewed, my eyes settled on Coconuts on the Beach. Finding parking was a nightmare, a sure sign they were packed for lunch and as I entered I saw that my assumption was correct, diverse patrons consisting of your average blue collar working man, your white collar office drone as well as a few gold tooth charmers and wannabe rap stars were packed in there, not unlike Tokyo Metro commuters (o.k., it wasn't *that* packed, but you get the gist).

As I've stated before, a large crowd is a good sign the fare is not only edible but usually downright delicious. It was nice to know my assumption was correct. I ordered the Fish Taco plate and for my side, I went with the Latin staple of black beans and rice (a very good measuring point for all Latin restaurants). The tacos were to die for. The fresh tuna was perfectly seared and served on fresh flour tortillas with homemade corn salsa. The taste was exquisite. The salsa was obviously fresh, perfectly seasoned and uniformly cut. The colors and flavors all mixed together to form this glorious, delicious concoction that had my taste buds screaming, "Ole!" The rice and beans were also cooked to perfection and seasoned just right. The only downside, that I could see, was that the fish was seared, while I prefer my fish in my fish tacos of the grilled variety.

The Big Boy says, "If you're in the area and have a craving for delicious, diversely flavored food with patrons just as varied, pay a visit to Coconuts on the Beach. Your taste buds can thank me later" Oh, and you might want to get there early as you can count on a big crowd.