Copperhead Tavern

Friday 07 July, 2017

I want to begin by saying the service was Fantastic. Frank did a marvelous job. The owner of this restaurant is a class act. He works very hard to bring innovative cuisine to this area. The decor is marvelous. You feel like you are being taken to another imaginary like place filled with fine design details. 5 star on decor and service. The food on the other hand was not good. I ordered Pork Belly Poutine, deviled eggs and the Fish sandwich. The poutine had hot sauce poured all over it. Other than that the dish was flavorless. The pork belly was not cooked correctly. It tasted like it had been made a week ago and heated in the microwave. I could be wrong but I am certain I am correct. I have eaten Pork Belly several places and they have never been served in this consistency. The deviled eggs were also flavorless. There is a fantastic beer and wine selection as well as a great selection of high end scotch and tequila. You want to have a drink with friends? This is the place. Make reservations somewhere else to eat