Corey’s Bagels On the Beach

Saturday 03 March, 2018

Corey's Bagels- Indian Harbor Beach- 4 Stars
After 28 years in business obviously these owners know what they are doing. There is absolutely nothing special about this restaurant except that using the average ingredients available to every restauranteur they provide an awesome bang for your buck. The pragmatism practiced by the owner is really the key to their success and longevity. They use fresh Boars head meats and provide a panoply of instant purchases like fresh squeezed orange juice and an offering of offbeat canned sodas. They don't make their own bagels but they do present them well. The egg salad, tuna salad and chicken salad are made on the premises. They are lightly seasoned and prepared on point. I ordered lox on a plain bagel with everything. It came piled high with salmon, capers onions and juicy tomatoes.the second bagel was cheddar. I requested Swiss cheese and oven gold turkey. Again piled high with meats and cheeses. I like Corey's Bagels very much. The Big Boy says check it out.
A word of warning to my high maintenance followers; the owner has zero personality. He is not gonna fawn all over you. He hears your order, he just does not acknowledge it, unless he has a question. Work with him and you will have an outstanding meal.