Country Bingo

Thursday 26 April, 2018

Country Bingo- Palm Bay- 2 Stars
When you walk into this establishment you are slapped in the face with the acrid stench of cigarette smoke. It wafts through the air and permeates your clothing. You can't even reach the "no smoking" room without reeking of the vile odor. So while the non-smoking room is filled to the brim with players the main room and its 10 players make this vile experience so unpleasant it amazes me the owner is so mindless. Apparently, there must be a loophole for bingo parlors and smoking.
What amazed me was they are serve cook to order food. I ordered a grilled cheese sandwich. I waited 47 minutes for the sandwich. It was two slices of American cheese product melted on two slices of burnt toast. The food is terrible. The service is so slow you could die of second hand lung cancer before you get your food. Stay away.