Cozy Corner Cafe

Sunday 15 September, 2019

Cozy Corner Cafe-Merritt Island- 3.5-Stars

"One should not attend even the end of the world without a good breakfast." R.A. Heinlein

While admitting I have slowed the pace down a bit, I am still out here for you loyal BBDO followers (you truly are why I continue to do this). As such, I was looking forward to my next review with a deeper sense of responsibility of the Cozy Corner Cafe in Merritt Island. The drive up was, as always, gorgeous and I languidly pulled into their parking lot and moseyed on in. I was greeted cheerfully, warmly and sincerely by the owner of the place, Rob. Looking around one of the first things that caught my eye was the ample quality seating available.

Grabbing a table and perusing the menu I have to say it was your traditional breakfast/brunch menu with all you would expect to find including eggs, bacon, sandwiches, pancakes, etc. Taking my time and enjoying the, dare I say, "coziness" of the place, I took a few minutes with the menu and as I wanted to get a fair sampling of their offerings and just as I was about ready to order, Jamie introduced herself as my server and asked if I was ready. Settling on lunch and some breakfast food, I ordered a Turkey Club Sandwich, two eggs with Kielbasa and a hash brown patty, a country fried steak and some blueberry pancakes. Jamie was cheerful, polite, professional, answered all my questions "honestly" (telling me what was frozen and what was fresh) and placed my meal ticket post haste.

I didn't have too long of a wait before I spied Jaime returning laden with victuals fresh off the grill/toaster/griddle. Sadly, the first thing I noticed about my meal was that the turkey in the club sandwich was obviously a roll and not freshly sliced turkey. However, it was piled high and prepared perfectly so wasn't all that bad considering it was sliced/chopped/pressed and processed turkey. The chips were fresh out of the bag and while fries might have been better, was a nice compliment to the club sandwich.

Next up on the eating frenzy was my order of two eggs over medium with accompanying kielbasa and hash brown patty. The chef nailed the eggs as they were the vade mecum definition of over medium, the kielbasa was huge, meaty and also cooked to perfection. Foregoing my usual preference for home fries, I instead went with their hash brown patty (ala fast food place) just to mix things up a bit. I have to say that it was cooked to a delightful outside crunchiness while retaining just the right amount of soft potato goodness on the inside. Again, this was making it obvious that whoever was operating back there knew how to execute at this level.

Just looking at the country fried steak on the plate I knew it was your typical Sysco from frozen puck meat. Proving that what I've said all along is true, the human in the back smothered this affront to steaks with some of the tastiest gravy I have yet had. This was complex, rich, and hid the crappiness of the meat wonderfully. Like I've said ad nauseum, execution. It's all about execution.

Refocusing my attention on the task at hand, and so as not to lick the gravy off the plate, I shifted my gaze towards the final item to be reviewed this morning, the blueberry pancakes. These were fresh, chock full of real blueberries and served with real, honest to mother nature butter. The pancakes were fluffy, light and a delight during the chewing phase. The stack was, once again, executed flawlessly. Someone(s) in the back certainly had their A-game going this day!

From the initial heartfelt greeting by the owner to the warm, honest server and right down to the gravy this place has it going on. They are on the ball and prove over and over that you can do wonders with standard ingredients if you know your way around a kitchen. Kudos to the staff, the chef and to the owner, Rob for, I will say it all day, flawless execution.

The Big Boy says, if you're in the area between 7 am and 12:50 pm (last seating) and are craving a good breakfast or lunch you won't regret making a stop to see Rob at the Cozy Corner Cafe. #iamthebigboy #bigboydiningout